Alice Ray is our first Woman in the Spotlight

We’re incredibly excited to debut our first regular feature, Woman in the Spotlight. This is a space for us to share some wonderful women grafting in the Music industry and sharing their talent.

Our first woman taking the Help Yourself Music spotlight is the wonderful Alice Ray. Alice is a talented singer songwriting hailing from the UK. Her style is smooth and soulful, with a deep and unique vocal tone reminiscent of distinct talents such as Amy Winehouse. Alice has a love for storytelling, a talent of hers clear in her vibrant and powerful lyricism.

Our introduction to Alice Ray was powerhouse single ‘I See You’, an emotive yet driven track demonstrating some incredible vocal talent from Alice. With dreamy string sections, delicate pianos and a rolling beat the track builds to a huge crescendo. The musicality in this track is stunning, with Alice’s vocals distinct, driving and mighty I See You has become a favourite of the HYM team.

Alice Ray describes her music taste as eclectic, with her influences including Alt-J, Elton John and Sia to name a few. It comes as no surprise that this musicianship started early for Alice, who picked up piano at the age of just five and found herself passing Grade 8 at the tender age of 13.

Despite her classical roots Alice became fascinated with more contemporary artists such as Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie, mesmerised by the power of storytelling she began to try her hand at songwriting.

Not only is Alice Ray capable of writing hefty ballads she also writes comedy songs under the name Rhiannon Hopkins, with track Naked Pictures currently shortlisted for the Funny Women Awards 2020.

Alice Ray’s talent is undeniable. Not only a talented vocalist, storyteller and musician Alice has a rare sense of authenticity and uniqueness about her. With talent that knows no bounds the future for Alice Ray is bright.

Check Out Alice Ray’s song recommendation!

“My song recommendation is ‘Made Up Lovesong #43’ by the Guillemots. It’s one that I used to listen to all the time and have just rediscovered and have on repeat – it just makes me feel happy!”

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Written By: Jessica Rowe