Kiwi Rock God, Merv Pinny, grants fans wishes with newest video release – Little Demons

The former dairy farmer turned rock sensation, Merv Pinny, hasn’t let his near-death experiences get in the way of his musical journey, including the video release for his latest track, Little Demons.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for Merv, surviving being run over by a truck and a motorcycle accident that resulted in a broken back, clearly, nothing can stop the Kiwi rock artist from fulfilling his fans wishes. Originally starting out as the second part of Merv’s track, Twisted Minds, his fans insisted that Little Demons got its own release after becoming a hit on Spotify. And he didn’t disappoint. The exhilarating new video for Little Demons is sure to leave fans thankful for a musical treat this summer!

Watch the new music video for Little Demons here:

Here’s Merv explaining the process of creating such a rock classic:

“I was experimenting with different sounds and ways I wanted to make my guitar sound. I wanted my guitar to sound like a machine gun and bullets, so I used a pen, jamming it under the strings. Then I used a hunting knife to drag up the string to create a feeling of tension in the atmosphere”

Merv Pinny

Making a full recovery after cheating death, Merv now boasts millions of views of his tracks and videos. This is thanks to his viral hit ‘OB Can You Hear the Children Cry‘, a rallying cry for children in crisis around the world, as well as the recent radio hit ‘I’, which captures the delight of finally being able to reconnect with loved ones after lockdown.

Personifying the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ we can’t wait for his fans’ response to this empowering single and video, and what lies around the corner for the unstoppable rock star.

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Written by: Kate Parry