Ang Low leads the way for alternative electronic soul music with latest video release – Memories

Refreshing and genuine talent, Ang Low, is leading the way for alternative electronic soul music, and we are thrilled to see the release of the music video for his latest track, Memories.

Using spectacular choreography, the video displays the artist’s creativity and imagination in a captivating work of visual art.

Memories is about losing yourself, bringing yourself back to reality with memories. The things that we try to accomplish in life, the lives we lead, who we say we are is only just a memory in the end. Life sets us on fire and we have nothing but a great memory to keep us going.”

Ang Low explains how he wanted the video to capture the real sense of who he is, being unashamedly himself –

“When shooting this video. My director, Christian Carroll, asked me what I want to say through the video. I told him I just want to be myself. I want to be what I am 100 percent. Funny, goofy, weird.. not cool, not commercial. It was my first professional music video and I just needed it to be something I could remember.”

Originally from Tacoma, Washington, Ang Low is now based in Brooklyn, New York, where he has worked with songwriter/producer Andrew Fox (Domino Publishing) and production collective The Creamery to create Memories.

The single is taken from his album, UP, a rousing invitation to all the freaks, misfits and oddballs out there to share the wonder of Ang Low’s world.

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Written by: Kate Parry