Michael Cooke finds his own identity with career change from Olympic athlete & actor, to musician!

Glasgow-based artist, Michael Cooke, has released his first single Losing My Mind for Nothing, after choosing to follow his true calling in the music industry.

It’s hard for most of us to imagine what it’s like to have an identical twin. But what we can understand is the challenges Michael would’ve faced when he realised he’d be competing for the same jobs as his sibling in the entertainment industry.

When Micheal’s hopes of becoming an Olympic athlete were diminished due to injury, he decided to turn to the world of acting. And if competition for jobs wasn’t hard enough, he found himself coming up against his brother for the same roles! Even though he was able to make a success of his acting career, having appeared on stage, film, and television, he has now decided to pursue his love of music, a career that will allow him to be truly himself.

Micheal’s first release, Losing My Mind for Nothing is taken from his forthcoming 8 track debut album Doin Alright (released 2nd November) and is accompanied by a powerful and atmospheric music video. With his own passion of indie music shining through in the latest track, Michael has also been inspired by the music he grew up listening to. From his parent’s love of 60s rock music to his own interest in singer-songwriters from the 60s through to the 00s, the album has given Michale a chance to finally explore his creativity to the full.

  1. Losing my mind for nothing
  2. Run all night
  3. Into the horizon
  4. Shed a little light
  5. I want you to know
  6. Same old song
  7. In A Dream
  8. Doin alright

Watch the video for Loosing My Mind for Nothing here:

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Written by: Kate Parry