Up In The Air! Laura Mitchell Shares Her Latest Track ‘Killing Time’ That Was Created On A Delayed Flight…

Composed by John Young, the story of how ‘Killing Time’ came to light is certainly unique. Stuck on a delayed, long-haul flight from Australia to London, Young explains that the opening line from the song “I was never the girl for you” was stuck in his head for the duration of his journey. By the time he landed in London, Young had managed to compose the whole song. Eager to find the right musicians to bring his composition to life, he was led to pianist David Bennett and vocalist Laura Mitchell.

In a jazzy, bluesy fusion, Mitchell’s warm and smoky vocals alongside Bennett’s soul-filled piano captures Young’s vision in a dreamy, heart-aching manor. After working as a wedding singer, Mitchell used her work experiences to connect with the touching vocals.

I didn’t see this coming or work towards it. I am in a wedding band. At weddings, many people ask, ‘Do you perform you own stuff?’ or ‘You should go on X Factor’ I didn’t have plans for that. I used to write music in my teens but worked off most of that angst and sadly stopped writing music when I started learning about it at Uni. I suffered from stage fright for a long time, but through the wedding band, the ability to put on the dress and heels and become a rock star – singing other people’s songs, I become someone else. It’s nice for me to become vulnerable again with a chance to show off the softer side of my vocals”.

Inspiring Mitchell to broaden her musical horizons, Young has certainly proved he knows exactly how to bring his music to life. Proving themselves as a complimentary team, here’s to hoping there’ll be more projects brewing for the future! Check out ‘Killing Time’ and keep up to date with Laura Mitchell’s latest musical triumphs below.

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