The Bonny Doons Are Set To Unveil Their Thrilling New Sound With Their Upcoming EP ‘The Betweeners’

After already catching the attention of NME, Brisbane-based outfit, The Bonnie Doons are set to release their highly anticipated EP ‘The Betweeners’ on November 20th.

Building up quite the following in their local scene, they’re now prepared to spread their gripping sound to the rest of the world with their daring combinations of styles and genres.

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The Aussie band has been leveling up since their debut EP released last year. Taking to a 90s inspired sound with a pop-ish and rap twist, their new music is full of bounce and groove, and is easy to sink your teeth into.

The release of ‘Fred’ represents a new chapter for the band, with effortless elegance and thunderous guitars, it’s the perfect taster of what they’ve got to come.

“In this track, I talk about staying true to who you are and not letting your emotional attachments to things or people keep you from doing what’s right for you. Breaking down the barriers of guilt, letting something go, and moving on.”

Torian Brewer

Forming in 2017, they’ve been developing their brand, steering away from their previous Aussie surf-pop sound with more manic guitars and soaring vocals, making their mark as one of the hardest-working bands in Brisbane.

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