Malcura – F.F.O: Rodrigo Gabriela; Gipsy Kings; Santana

On 27th November, Malcura, the Melbourne-based flamenco sensations, will release their latest album, Malcura II – a generally entertaining and diverse journey through sound.

Since 2013, Malcura have been performing their exhilarating acoustic fusion brand, honing their craft as buskers in the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne.

“Melbourne Flamenco kings, Malcura have earned themselves a reputation on the local scene for their ability to take a traditional genre and decorate it with flair and exuberance.” – Beat Magazine

Malcura have captivated the Australian audience with their distinct style, mixing the musical skill and excitement of Flamenco with Gypsy Swing, Latin beats, a Rock n’ Roll attitude and the occasional Heavy Metal riff; now with the aim of exposing the rest of the world to their exceptional music and visionary song-writing.

Watch Malcura’s music video for ‘Captain Snus’ – drawn from the latest album ‘Malcura II’.

This lead track is a perfect example for what to expect from this experimental album – which throws us into a plethora of rocky tones and punchy drum beats, sharply accompanied by an unprecedented change to an acoustic flamenco melody – getting your foot tapping instantly.

The firm presence of guitar is never lost throughout the album, and it is exciting to hear the swift transitions between multiple genres throughout – always leaving you with the unexpected.

Never would I have thought of being able to piece together so many different sounds and beats, but Malcura somehow have done so.

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