Jon Scott brings out new EP ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’ to help combat extreme prejudice and hate

Having reviewed one of Jon Scott‘s tracks already, I knew I was in for a treat when this email dropped into my inbox.

Chronicling the extraordinary world we live in, ‘Freedom-A New Jerusalem’ looks to try and unite a divided world in the face of prejudice and social injustice.

Following the shockwaves that were sent around the world after the shooting of George Floyd in America, EP’s like this become even more important.

Jon explained ‘the inherent prophecy of the “wall theme” [Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall between America and Mexico] then manifested itself in the on-street killing of George Floyd.

Then amazingly, we saw the outpouring of humanity, love and oneness in the BLM demonstrations all over the world. For me, this is a vision of “a new Jerusalem”, a place where all God’s children can stand together as one humanity.’

Now, for what you’ve all come to find out, is this EP actually any good?

Well, listening to ‘Freedom’ again reminded me of just how brilliant this artist is. With an up-tempo, afrobeat vibe, it’s a winner for me from the start. Immediately, we get the sense that this is a truly unique artist. The best likeness I can give is a jovial MIchael Kiwanuka, you’ll understand when you listen to the track, I promise.

With its catchy chorus, you’re drawn in to the song, making you listen to the meaning behind the lyrics rather than just enjoying the cacophony of noise. Having said that, the skill in combining the speech elements with the instruments and lyrics is truly incredible. There are so many layers to this track that aptly fit together.

This track is incredibly well-produced and certainly sets the bar very high for the tracks to come. Next up is ‘A Beautiful Country’, a song that is worlds away from the previous tune.

This time, we’re greeted by a disco vibe. Now, I have to admit, the sudden change of genre did give me whiplash, but I love how versatile the artist is. Even though it is far different from ‘Freedom’, it’s a very impressive track yet again.

It strikes me with a feel of the 1970’s New Romantics, a disco style ABC if you will. This may sound like a throwaway comment, but it’s something he does well. Scott also has a resounding ability to take an old genre or style and modernise it to suit any beat he transposes it to. Alongside his musical talent, we see him showcase his amazing vocal range with some much higher pitch singing being adopted here.

Picture: Jon Scott Music (Facebook)

All in all, ‘A Beautiful Country’ is a feel-good tune which explores emotion as well as different music styles. Throughout, you get the sense that he really means every word, he’s not just saying it for the sake of a track.

The third tack on the EP, ‘Water is Wet’, takes us on yet another tour of a genre. This time, Jon treats us to his ability to sing above areggae beat. Again, he expresses his ability to modernise and older style of music. Here, he takes on the form of a modern Bob Marley.

A clever technique used in this track is the simple lyrics. By keeping the content basic, the artist allows the music to breath and really come into its own. After the last two tracks, this an awesome change of pace. You enjoy the music here, rather than listening to a message. With this, the artist reminds us that this is an EP after all, not just a platform for political views.

The final track in this brilliant EP is ‘Suzy Walker’. For me, this was the most modern of the four tracks and is the stand-out from the record. By using old genres as well as new, Jon Scott spreads the message that the prejudice he speaks of is not concentrated in one era, but spans across many.

This is a great end to a great EP. While it may be simple in places, it makes you move and smile, which should be the absolute foundation to any good collection of music.

Another accolade for the artist is that this is the only time I’ve added an artists full EP to my personal playlist, well done Mr. Scott!

To enjoy it for yourself, listen to the EP using the Spotify link below

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