Husband and wife duo Toby & Pip team up to bring a smile to our faces in latest single ‘New Year’

So, I think we can all agree last year was a complete right off. However, here’s hoping that 2021 is the year we get our lives back together. With the announcement of lockdown 3.0, that time might be a little further away than we first thought, but the likes of Toby & Pip have given us a reason to stay positive.

Their new single ‘New Year’ encompasses the joy of having one another in our lives. Now, granted it might sound a little soppy, but it is a brilliant, heartfelt song.

The London based folk-pop duo are also a married couple. Like one half of ABBA or Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, they’ve added their names to the list of songwriting couples. However, I’m sure this marriage is far stronger than the others in the list.

The pair draw on their backgrounds in classical music; their love of cheesy pop, classic rock and folk music. Don’t ask me how it works, but it definitely does. ‘New Year’ is the third single from this truly unique duo and it doesn’t disappoint.

As the tune begins, we’re greeted to some calm, relaxing acoustic guitar melodies performed by Toby. Immediately, you get the sense this song is one to really take in and listen to the meanings behind the lyrics.

With his soothing, rich voice Toby allows the listener to do just that. I’ve only ever heard one other singer with a similar style, making me wonder if Toby was the front man for Nizlopi on their hit single ‘JCB’ before he teamed up with Pip!

Admittedly, that might be a stretch, but if it’s true then I like him even more. Just to clarify, it has nothing to do with the fact I’m called Luke…..well, maybe a little.

Not to be outdone, Pip comes in with some brilliant harmonising tones, allowing their voices to bounce off one another.

The differentiating deep and high tones in the pair’s voices marry perfectly in the song, just like the acoustic guitar and ukulele combo. Again, don’t ask how it works, it just does.

Credit: @tobypip (Instagram)

My favourite part of the song has to be the lyrics themselves however. They’re incredibly heartfelt and definitely something any listener can relate to.

Coupled with the stripped back nature of the song, everything boils down to simple components and beautifully played stringed instruments. On the surface, this appears a very basic tune, but the interwoven meaning behind it elevates the track to something far more.

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