J Carlyle releases highly-praised single ‘Intruder Alert’

Emily Lindsell

J Carlyle’s new single ‘Intruder Alert’, released February 5th, has already accumulated huge amounts of praise from listeners and critics alike, with BBC Introducing dubbing the track an “Absolute Banger”!

J has been involved in the musical scene since the young age of 15, when he started writing his own songs in-line with a few of the different genres he enjoyed. The influences of these genres have stuck with J as he has begun to release his own music – dancehall, R&B and grime to name a few! Incorporating these styles into his own creations has lead to J feeling as though he’s finally found his place within music, releasing tracks that he was born to make and put out into the world.

However, the influences of genres he grew up around aren’t the only thing that can be clearly heard through his music. J has such a positive outlook on life that he’s now bringing to his music as his tracks ooze positive vibes and feel-good tempos, something that is influenced from his everyday life and career paths. Over the course of 10 years J worked within a mental health institution in the East Midlands, and since then he’s been a huge advocate for mental health, which is something he’s incorporated into his music. His previous encounters and experiences prompted him to make change within the community, helping others to use music as an escape and release from their struggles.

I myself have suffered with mental health issues also. This journey prompted me to work with Channel 4 and local council to create a music programme for the youth.” – J Carlyle.

Showcasing the positive, feel-good music he can produce, ‘Intruder Alert’ offers a catchy chorus and upbeat tempo that you can’t help but want to dance to. That beat, paired with relatable lyrics touching up on struggles with the current age of social media, finds you listening to the track on repeat all day and never getting bored – which is something that’s quite rare!

You can listen to his track here.

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