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GL News: Tunetables Provides The Most Stylish Solution To Music Storage

November 16, 2021 Admin 0

Let’s not waste words here, as a music-lover, UK-based company Tunetables gets a big thumbs up. What are they, you might well ask? Well let me tell you: Tunetables’ designs are based on the classic music-equipment flight-cases that we’ve all seen been lugged round by roadies all over the world. Based on that design, Tunetables fashion fantastic-looking functional tables which also serve as excellent storage and display units for your precious record collection, be it tape, CD or vinyl. These are glass-topped tables which and made by hand and come with unique markings. I mean, they look great, and more to the point they definitely work as record-storage.

If you listen to Tunetables head honcho, Rob Chappelhow, you’ll get an idea of how much love and thought has gone into this project.

Rob had his epiphany while attending the Joe Strummer exhibition at Covent Garden. These are Rob’s own words: Set out under an acrylic plinth was Strummer’s personal tape cassette collection…his musical ..

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Single Review: Rachel Davie Lee – Love Is In The Air

November 8, 2021 Admin 0

Stars can take years for their light to reach us but that doesn’t make them any less dazzling. Confused? Well just because rising R&B star Rachel Davie Lee released her world-class single ‘Love Is In The Air’ in August doesn’t make it any less relevant now, or make the track any less captivating for that matter.

In a successful attempt to dissociate the track with its heavily-weighted namesake, Lee redefines the expected bombast of an R&B ‘banger’ – replacing the ostentatious bass booms and predictable rhythms with a more meditated approach; the result is one of the genre’s most intriguing and endearing releases this year.

Serving in daylight as a Compliance Officer and surrounded by family and relatives that make the title of ‘judge’ look simply above average, Lee goes from one competitive environment to the other – only this time in search of a creative outlet. With that said, Lee never holds back on ‘Love Is In The Air’ and neither does she on the rest of her ‘Barely Concealed’ d..