Science & Art – Ever Realised How Closely Connected They Really Are?

March 8, 2021 Admin 0

Science and Art, at surface value, may be taken as polar opposites.

Physics is a precise, complex and heavily numerical subject. Art however is expressive, a show of human creativity and emotion.

With the rapid approach of British Science Week (5th March-12th March 2021) I began to consider just how different the two were. When you delve a little deeper, you’ll be surprised to find actually how much the two really do have in common.

British Science Week champions the innovation of the sciences and their immensely progressive nature. Both Physics and Art also require that innovation, a bravery to think beyond what is known and discover the new, the exciting.

Science is an attempt to explain the world around us, and art is an attempt to express and interpret the world around us. When you examine the two closely, their paths greatly intersect.

And I’m not the only one to reach this conclusion! Artwork Abode put it best, ‘Though these subjects and methods have different traditions, an..

Lexxicon set to release hit EP ‘Bashment SZN’

March 7, 2021 Admin 0

Bashment SZN, the multi-genre EP curated by Lexxicon, is set to release April 7th. With a perfect mix of Bashment, Dancehall, Tropical R&B and Grime, Lexxicon touches up on his long time influences, PartyNextDoor and Swae Lee, to bring a sound that is familiar yet so distinctly him.

Lexxicon’s music style and production are heavily influenced by his Jamaican roots, as he’s mastered the skill of mixing multiple genre’s and styles with sounds found within his home and culture. Bashment SZN is the type of music you want to hear when you’re in a good mood and feeling motivated, as you won’t be able to stop yourself from jumping and dancing to the upbeat tracks. This type of feel-good energy is exactly what is needed to get through the rest of the pandemic!

The lead single from the EP, Pon di Floor, was released on February 26th – which you can listen to here. Pon di Floor is the perfect teaser for what the rest of Bashment SZN will bring, giving you a taste of the high energy, uptempo st..

Toby and Pip’s ‘Little Lady’ music video is a touching ode to their baby girl

February 19, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Married musical duo Toby and Pip have made their new daughter Josie the star of the show in the music video for ‘Little Lady’, which dropped the end of last year.

With Toby filming one second a day of Josie’s life since she was born until the age of 2, the video documents Josie’s adventures growing up. The video is comprised of plenty of clips, including Josie with her mother and father enjoying life’s everyday, such as brushing teeth, going swimming and playing in the park. Toby and Pip had also captured Josie in every festive season, with their daughter looking as adorable as ever on Halloween, Easter and Christmas.

‘Little Lady’ is a pleasure to listen to, with bright instrumentals, and melodic backing from Pip to really add an extra level of joy. The lyrics pertain to the couple looking forward to watching Josie grow up and become the endearing person she’s destined to be. The track also stresses the importance of treasuring the beautiful things in life, such as watching Josie ..

British rapper Saint unleashes an outstanding debut EP ‘LUCID’

February 17, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Saint has just released one of the most refreshing and exhilarating EP’s of 2021 so far. Despite being only approximately 12 minutes long, Saint’s EP ‘Lucid’ makes the most of short listening time to take the listener on a unique aural adventure; the rapper spits out lyrics that conjure greater emotions than most music you hear in the UK Top 40.

Not a single second of audio is wasted on this EP as every single word and beat has the sole purpose of creating a meaningful, energetic and brilliant listening experience that is sure to be constant in everyone’s summer songs this year.

“Saint is the next to blow in the urban scene” – Andrew Marston, BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester

The EP’s opening track ‘Adrenaline’ more than lives up to its name, with Saint delivering his exceptional poetry with rapid speed, filling the listener with unlimited energy that will fit perfectly on any gym playlist.

The EP’s third track ‘Changes’ is Saint’s tribute to the power of words and how they ..

Wavewulf blasts into the musical stratosphere with new album ‘Space Art and Angels’

February 12, 2021 monkjackblog 0

22nd January 2021 is a date that is destined to be marked in the annals of electronica history as the day that Wavewulf released his seminal synth masterwork, ‘Space Art and Angels’.

This album takes the listener on a supernatural voyage of galaxies, stars and supernovas that conjures up irresistible images of tranquil constellations and milky ways. Wavewulf is able to engineer this impact on the listener through his mastery of the synth that perfectly encapsulates an intergalactic sound, whilst the artist has also demonstrated his ability in conjuring up very powerful earth-bound emotions.

The album’s opening track track ‘Space Capsule’ is a wonderful instrumental composition that would perfectly fit into any science fiction film soundtrack and instantly demands the listener’s complete attention. The album’s stand out tracks lie in ‘Voyagers’ and ‘Ghosts of the Past’ which have an eerie vibe to them thanks to the exceptional synth playing combined with a gentle drum beat that creat..

The legendary Raw Soul Express return with sensational new single ‘Fate of the World’

February 10, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Raw Soul Express have released a refreshingly catchy, buoyant and daring new single that mixes addictive pop melodies with shadowy contemporary lyrics. Having been innovating the soul and funk genre since the early 1970s, Raw Soul Express have put their suaveness and maturity to use, so they can lyrically tackle salient subjects like the Black Lives Matter movement and global warming.

Raw Soul Express are uniquely able to merge pressing lyrics with a wonderful concoction of rapid saxophone playing from John McMinn that rips through speakers with a huge velocity, while Paul Mullen’s snappy keyboard playing could give Tom Coppola of Chic a run for his money. The addition of these outstanding musical components are boosted through the expectational drum and bass playing that will be impossible to get out of your head.

Raw Soul Express are respected veterans of the funk soul scene, having released their pioneering eponymous debut album in 1976. Originating in Miami, Raw Soul Express ha..

Why It’s Okay to Cry This Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2021 Admin 0

February 14th is around the corner, some of you may be excited and others I would imagine are dreading the day or pretending it does not exist altogether! Valentines Day, a supposed day of love, flowe..