FFO: The Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, UFOs

Folk mythology and the mysteries it offers up has a long history of providing inspiration to artists, film-makers and songwriters. There are over 20 films that feature Nessie and almost as many songs that evoke his name: The Dutch band Pater Moeskroen have a song titled Nessie, which is about the sex life of the monster; and composer Guto Puw wrote a piece for SATB choir in 1998 called “The Loch Ness Monster’s Song.” And this is not an exclusively Scottish phenomenon – the ‘Yetians’ record ‘Yeti, The Giant Of The 20th Century‘ in 1977 in Italy as the theme tune for the blockbuster film.

And now there’s a new monster on the music scene – Ogopogo. Canadian musician George Swan has spotted the monster at least three times in the last year, all whilst recording his latest album.

“I had borrowed the Rolling Stones’ mobile recording studio truck that Deep Purple had used back in the day at Montreaux. I had shipped it over here in May so I could use it throughout the summer and have it parked on the shoreline overlooking the lake.

I was working on my song “Deep in the Mountain” when I noticed something slowly approaching in the lake. It then stopped. It was there for about twenty minutes and it appeared to be listening! I could see its neck and head. After I stopped playing the creature slowly slid below the surface out of sight. I asked one of the local native Indians what it was and he said “It’s Ogopogo!”

George claims it is the distorted sound of a Hammond/Leslie organ running through an old tube guitar amp than draws the monster into shore. And you can hear those very same hypnotic sounds on his latest release:

The legend of the monster dates back over two centuries, with reports of First Nations people spotting the monster in the lake in British Columbia. There is an extensive Wikipedia page detailing it’s history here – for all those interested…

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