YUNGBLUD continues to share ‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’ with newest track ‘Memories’ with Willow Smith

YUNGBLUD has once again taken the world by storm with his Alternative Indie flare, this time collaborating with the effortlessly popular WILLOW on their newest track ‘Memories’ which YUNGBLUD states was created for those who wish to eliminate their past trauma and simply let go.

Expressing his thoughts on WILLOW, YUNGBLUD (real name Dom) expresses that he think that she is phenomenal. Describing her as rare and a voice which could easily transform continually throughout the years, it is to no wonder that the two have worked so incredibly together.

Due to the two’s outlandish yet humbling artistic persona and license, the two have married together perfectly when mixing not only their styles of music, but their vital messaging too. A story of acceptance, understanding and undeniable relatability; ‘Memories’ serves as a constant reminder that no one is ever truly alone. YUNGBLUD has expressed that the track is a driving force towards wanting to let go of things that linger within you when you feel you are ready to be free from them. Managing to perfectly describe the essence of feeing trapped whilst mixed between catchy hooks and a fist-pumping energy – both YUNGBLUD and WILLOW have superseded their mission to bring both artist and listener together.

Original Source: Music Week