Backed By Global Organisation Generation Hip Hop, Brazilian Favelas Star Kaos MC Continues To Change The Stigma Of Rap

Born in the Favelas – Brazil’s most tightly packed, suburban area where some of the poorest members of society live – Jailson N. Rodrigues aka Kaos MC has set out to bring his community together through his raw take on Brazilian rap.

Featuring Tito Jackson, Alex Boyé and Bull Dogg, alongside producer Doc B (Doc B Productions), Kaos MC has brought the hottest sounds from his home country to the wider world with his single ‘What’s Wrong’.

Having founded Lokos da Favela, a family movement that focuses on positivity in the favela, Kaos has attracted the attention of Generation Hip Hop who have endorsed his work. An organisation involved with 54 countries that harnesses the progressive talents of otherwise disenfranchised youth into a productive international committee, Generation Hip Hop is chaired by Ndaba Mandela (grandson of Nelson Mandela) and members like Terrence Barry (Executive Director of GHH Global) have been quick to highlight the work Kaos MC have done for his underprivileged country-folk.

Having started a revolutionary rap movement in Brazil, Kaos MC’s ambition to help his community to be stronger and safer and to show the world the richness of Brazil’s culture radiates in his music and his latest single is no exception to this.

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