F.F.O: George Ezra, Jack Johnson, Paulo Nutini

Reuben George has been likened to Jack Johnson and Paulo Nutini for his bouncy and energetic tracks. Reuben is a free-spirited individual who likes to like a non-conventional lifestyle. His easy-going music is inspired by living in the simple quarters of his van, where he is free to travel and move from place to place without a moments notice. Having his equipment with him in his van has the advantage of being able to record wherever he may be, meaning that when inspiration hits, it’s easy to make a demo incorporating all the aspects of the song in mind.

“I have lots of snippets of melodies & lyrics recorded and jotted down, which I can revisit if I want to develop an idea or write a new song. The fact that I have equipment with me everywhere I go means I can do this on the fly, wherever and whenever I want.

Correlating with his atypical lifestyle, Reuben does not have a set way in which he writes his songs and the process can vary completely for each song that he writes. With there being times that he completes a song in a matter of hours, to having just an idea of the title or the main riff and not letting time constrain the rest of the follow-up. The easy-listening that Reuben’s music provides is a reflection of the unforced and genuine nature of his writing style.

Listen to Let’s Run Away (To Mexico) On Spotify now!

Let’s Run Away (To Mexico) is Reuben’s latest release, an uplifting and spirited tune perfect for a road trip!

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