Dramatic Electronics from Russia: Sobranie 8 18’s Eternal Poems

“Dark, poppy Gothic cabaret with an ease and panache that’s really exciting…their dark, swirling sound is set off by brilliant vocals and a sort of look-but-don’t-touch cool”

Louder than War

Sobranie 8
is a union of two unique
artists, Nastya and Kirill, who share personal and artistic
interests – though based in Russia, they could just as easily have created
their music on the surface of Jupiter, so strangely unearthly is their sound. Formed
in 2015, their early releases offered only a tantalising glimpse at their
current prowess, the low-fi pop sound morphing into their current world of dark
electronic whispers and ultraviolet screams. Their forthcoming self-titled
album features ten tracks of transcendental melody; avant garde experimentation;
retro pop and eternal truths – it is released on 3rd February 2020.

in Russian means “meet together”, an appropriate word for the coming together
of music, verse and minds of Nastya and Kirill, the masterminds behind Sobranie
8 18. Following in the wake of Sobranie 7 17 a now extinct dark
electronics project and alongside Nastya’s solo project, Sobranie 9 19, Sobranie
8 18 has become the main effort of the duo. The figures 7 and 17 are sacred
numbers – the other figures represent the artist’s intuitive associations with
the variety of music genres. Influenced by dark techno, new euro pop, field
recordings and experimental sounds, Sobranie 8 18 is the clearest manifestation
of their musical manifesto.

A world away from their debut LP, Demons, the Angel and
Dark Thoughts
, Sobranie 8 18’s forthcoming self-titled album is a new step in the
band’s musical development, as they explain:

We have been working
on it for about 2-and-a-half years. Our composition principle was to make sure
that each song was as distinctive as possible. This title is probably not even
an ‘album’ in a generic sense but rather a collection of songs because every
track is very different.

It was the
first time we used live instruments. With the help of our friends we have
recorded bass guitar, sax, flute, male and female choir trio, harmonica and
piano, adding all this to the electronic sound made by Elektron Analog Four
among other synths. We also used a recorder to capture some of the instruments,
our homage to the low-fi sound and a way to say ‘goodbye’ to it. We’ve been inspired by many things – music,
movies, feelings, hometown atmosphere and intangible things one can just feel

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