Jazztronica Geek Out Bonanza! The Year’s Most Unlikely Music Project Gathers Up Top Support

1201_Alarm is a collaborative
music project which is quite unlike any other, taking on board quantum physics;
some of the world’s best-known scientists; lasers; tesla coils; Manga and the
phenomenon of audio illusion, each track is uniquely head-spinning. Led by
multi-instrumentalist and composer, Steve Thompson, Hello_World
is the debut album by 1201_Alarm, a project which has inevitably taken over three
years to reach its conclusion, given the sheer scale of its concept, musicality
and collaborative nature. Telling the story of Mankind’s embracing of technology
over the last 50 years and looking ahead to future interactivity, the album
also features contributions from such disparate talents as Jim Al Khalili;
Helen Czerski; Libby Jackson; Aleks Krotoski
and Marcus du Sautoy.

Based in Kent, Steve Thompson’s 1201_Alarm traces
human’s adoption of technology since the Apollo era and looks forward to how
the future between Man and machine may look. On the album, the acoustic
instruments (trombone, trumpet and sax) represent the human side and the
electronics (synths, laser harp, tesla coil and rarely used instruments such as
the Japanese Tenori-On) represent the technological side. Embracing the work of
synth Gods such as Jean-Michel Jarre; jazz; electronica; trip-hop and
the works and ideas of everyone from Nobel Prize-winning scientist Richard
(who also guests on..yes, bongos!) to the renowned sceptic, James
, Hello_World is a celebration of science and technology and an
ever-shifting music box of pure joy.

Hello_World continues its unconventional approach
with a CD and double vinyl release, the fourth side of which features of double
groove, meaning that the track which plays depends entirely on where the needle
hits. Alongside driving his beloved DeLorean car (best known from the film Back
to the Future
) and building retro computers, Steve has staked his claim to
be one of only two people to have played live at both the opening and closing
events of the 2012 London Olympics; a residency at The Globe Theatre; gigs with
artists as diverse as Robert Smith, Kylie Minogue and Jamie Cullum and playing
on the very final TV show by the legendary Two Ronnies. If he isn’t
hacking into a quantum computer live on stage and reprogramming it to compose
music (it really happened…from a stage in London to a computer in New York!), look
out for him on ITV’s The Chase around February!