Omosefe: Uniting Communities With Music Wherever He Goes

Omosefe is a man who has experienced living in many diverse countries, surrounded by diverse cultures. Always finding himself frustrated with the negativity and division he saw, he decided to use his music and art to break down these barriers.

It took many years of searching for the musician to find the perfect vocalist for his project, after all that time, discovering only he could provide the tracks with what they needed. Having developed a voice that perfectly suited his material, his style ranges from Afro-pop inflected melodies through to more expansive rock sounds which featured elements from the likes of U2 and Depeche Mode.

Omosefe is also a gifted painter and artist, developing a painting style likened to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and iconography. The simple shapes and symbols he uses are a representation of the same simple traits that connect us as people, the acrylic painting aiming to dissolve the differences we see on the surface.

Omosefe’s album ‘Why Pretend’ is out now