F.F.O: Frank Ocean; Stevie Wonder; Blood Orange

Ang Low defies easy categorisation, with the exception of one: effortless talent. With a golden voice, his is a story of constant discovery and change. From military brat and choir boy, to petty thug and rejuvenated alt-soul icon du jour, Ang Low has seen it all and bought the outrageous t-shirt.

Get a taste for Ang Low’s music from previous releases

In his latest collection of songs, he’s synthesized two essential sides of his history: that of angel-voiced gospel singer, and that of the gritty, dancehall sound tracked street hustler-turned-popstar. “Like I Do” is the introduction to UP, his forthcoming LP, a thrilling, thought-provoking, ingenious, occasionally preposterous collection of some of the finest songs you’ll hear all year.


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