Italy’s Answer to Sam Smith Aims to Show LGBTQ+ and Spirituality Do Mix

with a huge following in his native Italy, Marco Gray is launching his latest
single, Ten More Times, in England, his new home in London giving him
the freedom to truly express himself as never before. Although his fans in
Italy have already shown so much love for his music, he always felt that as a
gay man he was expected to act in a stereotypical way for the media, something
which he never felt comfortable with. Ten More Times is the unfiltered Marco
Gray – spiritual, passionate, funny and loving.

Though not an overtly religious person, Marco is happy that his own spirituality can exist perfectly well alongside his life as a gay man. Ten More Times is a timely reminder that relationships in the LGBTQ+ community are every bit as complex and often frustrating as the straight community. Although proud to be gay, Marco’s experience with elements of the Italian media, who were often eager to accentuate the camper and more outrageous elements, has often left him frustrated that this does more to pigeonhole him than show him as an artist who wants to relate to all people, whatever their background.


explains the message behind Ten More Times:

More Times takes inspiration from one of those typical loves that all genders
have in modern era: love with somebody who is maybe busy…who doesn’t have a
free frame of mind. So, song one side sings, “if you don’t set your mind free,
there’s no chance for us to be” and “ten more times I’ll say I love you”. It’s
one of those moments that you impose on yourself: the rule not to follow the
other person’s needs and put a limit to this uncertain state of affairs that
otherwise would last forever, bringing you down”.

think that these kinds of things are only typical of the straight world, but
often behind the image of fun, these kinds of things also happen to gay people
(who, yes have normal feelings too) or Bi, or trans identities”.

Shot in London, the video to Ten More Times shows Marco comfortable in a city he now calls ‘home’, a place he is comfortable being himself and which has always opened doors to him since his arrival (despite his self-consciousness about his accent!) and which has led to his passions for tea, cake and gin!