Australian indie rockers The Bonnie Doons release new single ‘Fred’ ahead of highly anticipated EP

Australia is known for producing hit indie rock bands and that trend certainly doesn’t stop with The Bonnie Doons.

The band have attracted renowned praise from the likes of NME and are hoping to carry on their success as they set their sights on the rest of the world.

Their new single, ‘Fred’, may sound simple and dull, but with the immediate introduction of edgy rock guitar which sets the tone for the rest of the song, the track is anything but.

The song takes on a life of its own as Torian Brewer’s singing matches perfectly with the trademark indie elements provided by the rest of the band.

The track stresses that one should not feel guilt for calling an end to a relationship that isn’t working, which is a mantra encompassed by an array of swampy grooves and chiming guitars.

Brewer explains how the track is about ‘staying true to who you are and not letting your emotional attachments to things or people keep you from doing what’s right for you. Breaking down the barriers of guilt, letting something go and moving on’.

Torian Brewer

The Bonnie Doons

Strong words indeed, accompanied by an even stronger song. The band have really nailed the Australian indie vibe showcased by the likes of DMA’s and Sticky Fingers.

The ability of producers Kane Kennedy and Govinda Doyle is also clear to see as they create a truly versatile backing track that works as a strong foundation throughout the song.

‘This record was a new approach to music for me personally, we steered further from the Aussie surf-rock sound to a more pop-like 90’s vibe.’

‘I still hear similarities between this and our previous record, mainly in the guitar work, but it was ultimately Torian’s vocals that gave us the ability to pursue a different genre and direction with the music’.

Kane Kennedy

Brewer’s voice takes the single up another notch (if that’s even possible). By using the vibrato of his voice, he creates a clear divide between his rapping and his singing.

The skill and talent needed to produce a single that constantly flows between genres is immensely high, but I have to admit, these guys achieve just that.

It’s the type of song that gets you hyped up for going out on a Saturday night and I for one cannot stop nodding my head to the beat. Seriously, I could have this on repeat all day and still not get bored.

Thankfully, there’s more where that came from, but fans will have to wait until November 6th to hear the full EP, ‘The Betweeners’. In the meantime, why not treat your ears and give ‘Fred’ a listen on Spotify: