Coming Together: In The Face Of Prejudice and Hate, Jon Scott’s EP ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’ Attempts To Unite The Global Community

In a world overrun with adversity, Jon Scott has been inspired to ignite change and challenge backwards ideologies in his new EP ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’. Despite running his own law firm, Scott has been able to balance his day job with his musical career in order to release his EP, which capture the sounds of his Nigerian childhood through to the problems faced by many all over the world today.

Taking influence from the afro-beat pioneers of his homeland such as Fela Kuti whilst combining the pop and funk style of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, Scott’s sound has an endearing air of soul wrapped in a commercially aesthetic atmosphere. The inspiration behind ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’ is a collection of social issues around the world, such as the contrasting COVID-19 responses and the energy behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Out of all the craziness, hatred, spite and nastiness, the majority of folk all around the world marched together to stand up for what is blatantly right. It’s a seminal moment, era-defining and world awakening, particularly given the fact that this all occurred in lock down”

The EP’s title track was originally inspired by Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall between Mexico and the United States; however, the track has taken on new meaning amongst the horrific death of George Floyd and additional race-fuelled atrocities.

“The inherent prophecy of the ‘wall theme’ then manifested itself in the on-street killing of George Floyd. Then amazingly, we saw the outpouring of humanity, love and oneness in the BLM demonstrations all over the world. For me, this is a vision of ‘a new Jerusalem’, a place where all God’s children can stand together as one humanity.’

Pairing with the EP’s title track, Scott’s music video captures scenes from the BLM protests all over the world, showcasing the abundance of people coming together with a powerful cause.

In particular, I hope that the video will be a picture chronicle for the world of this amazing uplifting of spirit particularly for the future generations, as a benchmark of what we should be about as all god’s children or if one prefers, children of one creation and of the universe”.

Scott’s powerful EP ‘Freedom – A New Jerusalem’ will be out in Autumn later this year. Until then, you can follow his socials and keep up to date with his work below.