Father-Son Team ‘Uneven Stevens’ Scrap CV And Apply To Jobs With Their Original Track ‘Paper Me’ Instead

After being made redundant last year from his job as a director for a company manufacturing heart valves, Richard Stevens (Dad) spent the following months painstakingly applying for jobs and getting rejected. Richard became more and more concerned as even scrimping and saving wouldn’t make his redundancy money last forever…

At the beginning of lockdown, his son Oscar asked him why he wasn’t able to get a job. Explaining to him the harsh reality of most CVs being thrown in the bin, Oscar suggested taking an alternative approach to job hunting, with the ingenious idea to submit a song instead of a piece of paper.

The father-son team joined forces and created ‘Paper Me’- the Uneven Steven’s answer to employment-success. Fortunately, the alternative job application paid off for Richard. Taking pride in ensuring he reads every job application, Tim Coutts provided Richard with what he was looking for, for so long:

He feels it’s his duty to give everyone a fair chance, and more to the point, to give him the best chance to get the right person by actually meeting them! Who hasn’t got a few hours in a day to do that? This is exactly what we want to convey to those people that call themselves “Talent Acquisition Managers” playing God by deciding what someone is like from a CV alone. More than ever before everyone must be given a chance to prove their worth, so they can put food on the table and feed their kids

The heartfelt father-son story made so much of a statement to employers and job applicants everywhere, that the national media caught site of Uneven Stevens.

Richard and Oscar’s song, and the news of Richard’s subsequent employment made headlines in the likes of The i; Metro; The Sun; The Star; on Channel 5 News and across Radio worldwide.

Using dramatic piano chords with distorted guitars to give the ballad a rocky edge, the tuneful CV is certainly an unusual, yet, effective way to get your name on the top of the pile. Listen to ‘Paper Me’ below and maybe get some inspiration of your own!

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