New song ‘Undefeated’ by SHK packs a punch, paying tribute to retired UFC fighter

Now, when someone asks you about artist’s musical inspirations, you might say their first love or a family member, but maybe not mixed-martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, this time round, that is exactly the case. Pakistan-born, singer-songwriter Shahzad Khan has produced an ode to one of his heroes, the recently-retired Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Unusual admittedly, but hey, you can’t say it isn’t unique! Shahzad wanted to use Khabib’s discipline and success as a symbol for his message. The idea behind the song is to inspire anyone, no matter their background, to reach for their dreams.

No matter how impossible it may seem, like the UFC legend, we must remain undefeated as we strive to achieve our goals. Shahzad said he has ‘been really inspired by his hard-work, skills, integrity, discipline and unconquerable spirit.

‘I think he is a great role-model for any professional, especially for Muslim’.

The song itself has a unique vibe it has to be said. It begins with an interesting pop vibe, accompanied by a melodic rock guitar sound.

As Shahzad begins to sing, it reminds me of a Pet Shop Boys-esque style. the autotuned voice, imposed with a synth sound creates a flashback to the 70’s duo.

However, not to remain in anyone’s shadow, Shahzad quickly steps up the beat as we enter the chorus. Out of nowhere, this new found pace and energy transforms the song, stopping it from becoming a stagnant tune.

The beat lends itself to a dance anthem, something you could really groove to, if you’d had a few. It’s a real pop sound and not dissimilar from a 90’s club vibe.

In a truly unique fashion, the song cuts out halfway through. While some may think this signals the end of the song, you’d be wrong (I’m a rhyming genius).

A few seconds later, the song kicks back into action with that familiar chorus. For me, it signified the idea that Shahzad has a real passion for what he is saying, not just ending the song at a lowly one minute 50 seconds.

However, another school of thought may suggest that this is a symbol for Khabib himself. Never stopping, always fighting, always winning.

Picture: shkpuk (Facebook)

Overall, it’s a really unique track with a clear and positive meaning. With Khabib now retired, it’s things like this that will cement his legacy in the years to come.

If you want to check out ‘Undefeated’, then follow the link below.

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