Franki Pineapple goes full throttle with explicit punk single ‘F*ck it Man’

Once a screenwriter, novelist and journalist, now thriving as a singer-songwriter, Franki is certainly a unique taste.

Described as a force of nature, she’s thrown everything into this latest track – even bouncing back after Apple Inc recently sued her for her appropriation of a fruit.

Refusing to compromise, Franki won the fight and continued to use the pineapple logo which producer and partner Nararaji Tribino suggested epitomised her character – spikey on the outside, sweet inside.

The resulting track is defying and crazy; it’s an outburst of punk anger. With the word ‘f***’ used over 30 times, make sure you prepare yourself before delving into the world of fierce fire that is Franki Pineapple.

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