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Heart Through Darkness’ Self-Titled Album Out Now

December 5, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Doug Rimington, better known as the progressive metal group called Heart Through Sacrifice, released his self-titled debut album, Heart Through Sacrifice, on the 29th of October. Heart Through Sacrifice really gives a lot to offer on his 22-track album with spoken readings introductions from The Black Orchids’ Kay Elizabeth. On top of that, Heart Through Sacrifice also released a single on November 24th, entitled “Pride Retaken.”

Being a half-Japanese and half-British artist hailing from New Zealand, it goes without saying that Doug Rimington has a unique worldview unlike most others. That’s probably why he’s able to create such rich worlds in his music off of his latest album. Each track on the album is intended to send the listener on an adventure that can only be captured in the essence of his music. The tales of loss and redemption encapsulate the consumer and make them feel as if they’re being transported to a fantasy world unlike any other.

What makes Heart Through Sacrifice’s..

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The Real J Israel Releases New Holiday Single “Be Grateful (Give Thanks)”

November 30, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Atlanta-based R&B artist known as The Real J Israel recently released a single celebrating the holiday season entitled “Be Grateful (Give Thanks)” on November 25th. The Real J Israel made his debut in 2019 with the release of his single, “Freaky Tonight,” and things have only been going up for this emerging artist. This is the first holiday song released by The Real J Israel but it sounds like it could soon be an instant classic.

“This song is really close to me. As a young boy we would visit Anny/Grandma for the holidays and every visit she would have me sit at the piano with my dad and sing to her while she played. ‘Be Grateful (Give Thanks)’ brings back those memories and reminds us of the times that we need to appreciate” – The Real J Israel

The Real J Israel got his start singing gospel music in churches but shifted to R&B music when he launched his solo career. Any listener can still clearly hear his gospel influences on his new music and that is especially evident on “Be Grate..

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Know Them Better: David Hicks

November 24, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Photographer David Hicks has a global eye for common experience. If you’ve not seen the work of this singular photographer, now is as good a time as any to check him out. A great place to start is with his captivating images from the streets of Buenos Aires, which focus on Tango dancers and musicians.

“This very sexual dance you see now, was born out of the reality for men in those old days,” explains Hicks, ““The Tango, a now-popular dance between a man and a woman, started in it’s current form in the mid 1800s, after a massive migration to Argentina, mostly by men. Because men outnumbered women by quite some number, the only way for a man to get close to a woman was via a brothel or by dance. The men practiced together, as you’d have to be a great dancer to get a woman’s attention.”

Hicks’ equally fascinating photos taken in Cuba are also well worth a look. You can see them here. “In Cuba,” says Hicks, “they live for their music. It’s everything to them, and they’re very good at i..

Keelan X Re-enters The Music World With His Newest Single, “No Fall of Rome”

November 22, 2021 monkjackblog 0

Keelan Cunningham, better known as Keelan X, recently released his debut single as a solo performer, entitled “No Fall of Rome,” on November 11th. Keelan X is based out of London and Dublin and is known for co-founding 90s indie-pop band The Marigolds, which have been featured on radio and television stations in the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

After taking a leave of absence from music, Keelan X is making strides with “No Fall of Rome.” Opening with ambient sounds that quickly turn into the catchy guitar riffs synonymous with 70s and 80s pop and rock music, “No Fall of Rome” immediately keeps its listeners intrigued. The song is largely about one’s own agency and the resilience of one’s own mind no matter the context. This idea first gets explored in the verse but is driven home in the chorus. By incorporating catchy guitar riffs throughout the verse, paired with some synth sounds in between, Keelan X truly brings about the best of the 70s and 80s in this quasi re..

MOVMENT Getting Ready To Release Next Album “Transformation”

November 15, 2021 monkjackblog 0

The anonymous Irish post-punk duo known as MOVMENT is set to release their next album, Transformation, on December 2nd. The lead single off of this upcoming album is “We All Must Go,” along with their other acclaimed singles “Leave Me Alone” and “Propaganda.” Some of MOVMENT’s singles have recently been covered by acclaimed music press from around the world, especially in countries like Brazil and South Africa.

Transformation presents a message that is important to MOVMENT, in the way that it is socially conscious of our 21st century nightmare with the intensity of punk and grunge. Starting with the bare minimum, MOVMENT continuously adds more layers to their lead single, “We All Must Go,” that contributes to their message of not being around forever and coming to terms with that realization.

“We All Must Go is a song with a simple message – we are all eventually going to leave this life. But it not particularly negative, it is about embracing the light. It’s an inquest into the jour..