Putting soul back into Indie-Pop, 87 and The Toys bring us a brand new EP

87 and The Toys have released their brand new EP, titled ‘Japanesy if you Pleasy’. A seven track wonder-project the establishes the Portland group as off-the-wall indie rockers with their signature quirky style.

Their distinct flair has earned 87 and The Toys comparisons to the likes of Violent Femmes, B-52’s, Daniel Johnson and Neutral Milk Hotel.

The latest EP from the Indie-Pop rockers touches on some hefty (and some not so) topics, from the Georgia Governor’s handling of Covid-19, to Sushi restaurants and bingeing popular animation show Bojack Horseman.

87 and The Toys bring together both their Japanese and American culture into a blend of Lo-Fi, DIY Indie bliss.

The trio behind the band lie in Dave on double bass and guitar; Hana on mini-drum kit, piano and vocals and Patrick on rhythm guitar and vocals, all of whom work together in perfect harmony to create musical magic. Relying solely on instrumental ability and DIY production, 87 and The Toys abandon all studio trickery and maintain their authenticity as self-made Indie rockers.

With Hana hailing from Japan and Patrick having a Japanese mother, 87 and The Toys incorporate global influence into their lyricism and sound, our personal favourite track being Love, which is sung by Hana in Japanese.

87 and The Toys have a distinct fun-loving approach to music; combined with true instrumental ability, they become the nostalgic, rocking band that the genre has been missing.


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