How Travel Photography Keeps Our Adventure Spirits High In A Lockdown

2020 was not a great year for travel. Cursed by a global pandemic, summer holidays, new destinations and international explorations were well and truly off the cards.

With travel restrictions in place for the last 12 months our appetite for new experiences, places and people has grown immensely.

The adventurer in us all has suffered greatly, leaving many down in the dumps and craving the joys of travel.

A shining light in all this doom and gloom, and our knights in shining armour, are the travel photographers sharing their works with the world.

Keeping our spirits high, travel photographers allow us to experience the wonders of the world through the lens of a camera.

Perhaps the best part of travel photography is the way it takes us around the globe in a matter of minutes. We can see art shows of Peru, the streetlights of Singapore and the zoos of Mumbai all whilst sitting at our desks.

If only real travel was so quick and easy!

Travel photography reminds us of all the incredible places we have yet to visit, and promises that one day we will.

And that day may not be as far away as we think, with the rapid vaccine rollout programme holiday bookings are beginning to surge for countries such as Greece who recently announced tourists will be allowed back into the country from mid-May.

The magic of travel photography is its ability to inspire that sense of adventure in you, to give you that itch for experience and appetite for discovery.

Summer Holidays, real ones we mean, may still be far away for many. But enjoying the works from travel photographers reminds us why the wait will truly be worth it.

Let’s make one thing clear, I’m sure we would all much rather be getting on that plane ourselves, eating sub-par aeroplane food while we’re flown to a new destination.

But, in the meantime, travel photography is the next best thing.

Written By: Jessica Rowe