Ear Worms by City Weezle. Worldwide fusion band set to release album No. 2

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“City Weezle plays a metal, fusion, psychobilly twisted mix that is sure to be a favorite of avid

Twisted Hillbilly Readers.” – Twisted Hillbilly Magazine (USA)

It’s fair to say you’ll be grasping at how to label this band upon your first listen. The combination of alt-metal, rock fusion, and funk rock gives Zappa and Captain Beefheart a freakishly beautiful revival. City Weezle, a multinational band burst back into the industry, ready to enthuse and confuse with album No. 2.

The direction from their first LP Taboo is re-focused, from a wonderfully chaotic one to a catchy, hook led one. Technically crafted to reach new musical heights. This album never has a dull moment, colourful and rich with instrumental wizardry. Founded in Paris, by Irishman Simon Fleury, then expanded worldwide from Cork, to Tokyo, Paris and Cologne.

Following the footsteps of its members, this album does not lack instrumental diversity. With Simon Fleury – The Vocal Viking (guitar & vocals, Ireland), Ai Uchida – The Drum Ninja (drums, Japan), Kengo Mochzuki – The Bass Samurai (bass, Japan), and Axel Steinbiss – Wunderkind (keyboards, Germany). Featuring session musicians across piano, organ. Harpsichord, string arrangements, with break core star Gautier Serre (Igorrr) boasting 30 million YouTube views and 148.9K monthly Spotify streams, holding the wheel on production and guesting on tracks.

Integrating classical sound with piano opening on previous singles, Captain Introspective and dark fantasy in Underground in Europe, the contrast and multi-faceted album picks up punk influence for track She’s a Stomper. Bursting with stabbing drum and guitar, brooding vocals and infectious riffs.

For fans of Ghost, Captain Beefheart and Tenacious D, you can listen to City Weezle via the links below:

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Words by Olivia Barnes