The Real J Israel Injects Some Soul Into Christmas On New Single

The Real J Israel is an Atlanta-based R&B star, turning his musical talents towards the Christmas period this year with his holiday single Be Grateful (Give Thanks) get everyone in the festive swing.

J Israel showcases his appreciation and fond memories of family Christmases, wanting everyone to feel and remember their own too:

“This song is really close to me. As a young boy we would visit Anny/Grandma for the holidays and every visit she would have me set at the piano with my dad and sing to her while she played. Be Grateful (Give Thanks) brings back those memories and reminds us of the times that we need to appreciate”

Growing up in the church community, J Israel built his strong vocals through being a member of the choir, winning two India Gospel awards in his time there. Then transitioning to R&B, Israel moved over to soulful styling on his Be Grateful single, gaining his rhythm and passion from his earlier days in the gospel choir.

J Israel truly understands the power and soul that can be held just through vocals, exerting this into his new track, creating a Christmas ballad. Today, Israel runs a successful small business, whilst being surrounded by his family, a husband to his childhood sweetheart and father of seven children. Intertwining his early gospel style with his soulful, humbling R&B sounds Israel is one of the most exciting up-and-coming R&B artists to watch right now.

Out now, we can all experience The Real J Israel’s creative sounds just in time for Christmas.

Check out J Israel down below!