Heart Through Darkness’ Self-Titled Album Out Now

Doug Rimington, better known as the progressive metal group called Heart Through Sacrifice, released his self-titled debut album, Heart Through Sacrifice, on the 29th of October. Heart Through Sacrifice really gives a lot to offer on his 22-track album with spoken readings introductions from The Black Orchids’ Kay Elizabeth. On top of that, Heart Through Sacrifice also released a single on November 24th, entitled “Pride Retaken.”

Being a half-Japanese and half-British artist hailing from New Zealand, it goes without saying that Doug Rimington has a unique worldview unlike most others. That’s probably why he’s able to create such rich worlds in his music off of his latest album. Each track on the album is intended to send the listener on an adventure that can only be captured in the essence of his music. The tales of loss and redemption encapsulate the consumer and make them feel as if they’re being transported to a fantasy world unlike any other.

What makes Heart Through Sacrifice’s latest album truly unique and special is the graphic novel that comes with it. The graphic novel incorporates elements from 90s superhero comics that only add to the aesthetic of the album as a whole. This callback to the past, in which albums were intended to be listened to from start to finish and came with accompanying material for the consumer, is something that is quite scarcely seen in the contemporary music industry scene. Nowadays, people can just put on one song from an album without ever hearing any other song off of that same album. Heart Through Sacrifice wants to change that with his newest album and it is very exciting to see.

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Words by Brendon Gardner