Glitter: 6 Trans and Non-Binary Artists to Support During Transgender Awareness Week

November 17, 2020 Admin 0

With Transgender Day Of Remembrance around the corner, its important to remember that trans musicians are everywhere, and have always been everywhere, as forerunners in the musical industry. From standing in the spotlight back in the 60s with gospel notes to leading punk rocks bands in the 2010s, trans musicians are here to make their voices heard.

Ryan Cassata

Ryan was one of the first transgender singers I had come across that I was aware of being trans. His music often sings of the reality of being a trans man in the world of rigid gender binaries, and speaks openly about not wanting to take the Hormone drug, Testosterone – otherwise known as just “T” – because of its unpredictable affects on his vocals. T lowers the voice of the person in question, sometimes meaning they cant control their voice the way they used to.

My favourite song by Ryan has to be “Gender Binary (Fuck You)”, which came out during the first Lockdown, and the video project saw many other trans and queer peopl..

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Glitter: Liam Gallagher Announces Christmas Single “All You’re Dreaming Of”

November 16, 2020 Admin 0

Liam Gallagher announced the release of this new Christmas single “All You’re Dreaming Of“, due to be available by the end of this month. This marks the first solo piece to be released from the singer since 2019.

The track is set to be released November 27th, with all monetary profit being donated to Action For Children, which provides for disadvantaged children across the festive period.

A sneak snippet was released onto his Instagram, treating all of us during this dreary lockdown!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher)

Liam commented on his composition, calling it “An Instant Classic that is perfect for this time of year”

Next month, Liam will also debut a virtual gig which will see him performing a full set from a barge travelling along the River Thames.

The ‘Down By The River Thames’ show will air exclusively on MelodyVR on December 5, and comes after fans spotted Gallagher performing on the river earlier this month.

Written By Mars Sm..

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Litter: Cardi B Called Out For “Disgusting” Cultural Appropriation

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Cardi B has been called out over the weekend for “Disgusting” cultural appropriation, after a publication herself posing with a shoe with 8 arms, mimicking the pose of the Hindu goddess Durga, was posted to Footwear News

Taking to the shoots to promote her new collaboration with Reebok. People criticized the shoot, calling it “Absurd” and “Offensive” that she was referencing Durga, who represents strength and protection of war.

Following the backlash, Cardi took to her Instagram stories to apologize, calling the shoot “Dope”, but admitting that she should have done a bit more research into it, and didn’t mean to cause any offence.

The singer, who is Catholic, went on: “They saying it’s because of my Reebok shoot and saying that I disrespected like a goddess or something.

“When I did the Reebok shoot the creative told me I’d be a goddess that represents strength, femininity and liberation, and that is something I love, that I’m all about and I thought it was dope.

“If people think ..

Stefan Elefteriu Releases ‘Quantum Gates’ – An Auditory Look Into Other Dimensions

November 16, 2020 Admin 0

“Twelve portals open to twelve different worlds awaiting discovery through imagination, fantasy and feelings… Go beyond the Quantum Gates and, with each re-listening, you will perceive new territories of musical expression. Let the evolution and permanent dialogue of the melodic lines – based on symphonic counterpoint – take you through a new multidimensional sound universe.”

Quantum Gates is the latest album release from Stefan Elefteriu, a cumulation of his incredible journey from building his own synthesizers in communist Romania to writing the score for a sci-fi movie. In the creation of this new album, he’s combed all of his classical musician skills together in a dramatic, cinematic look into alternate universes.

Western Music was considered “Subversive” under the communist reign of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, which was the era in which Stefan grew up in Romania, with rock music in particular being blasphemous. He resorted to buying hard copies on tape and vin..

The Bonnie Doons Prepare to Take the World by Storm with hit single ‘Fred’

November 12, 2020 Admin 0

Already outgrowing their native lands of Australia, The Bonnie Doons turn to the rest of the world. Aiming to conquer everybody’s radios and Spotify playlists, they’ve already featured in NME thanks to their incredibly unique indie vibe.

With an addictive blend of Rap, Pop, R&B, indie rock and even Reggae, the upcoming EP is set to be an extreme breath of fresh air for the music scene.

One of their latest singles, ‘Fred’, offers to-the-point advice on relationships, explaining not to feel guilty when finishing a relationship that just isn’t working, wrapped in a bouncy guitar riff and smooth vocals.

“In this track I talk about staying true to who you are and not letting your emotional attachments to things or people keep you from doing what’s right for you. Breaking down the barriers of guilt, letting something go and moving on.”
Torian Brewer, The Bonnie Doons

With a similar vibe to the likes of GUM, Ocean Alley and San Cisco, The Bonnie Doons’ music is an easy listen with layers..