Out today is the latest output from electronic maverick composer and legendary CURVE mastermind Dean Garcia comes ‘Fifteen’, his new SPC ECO album with daughter Rose Berlin that comes as a sensational injection of evocative atmospheric pop.

Recorded in the Welsh town of Gower, the LP ranges from slow burning tracks like ‘The Heart And Soul’ to powerful atmospheric tracks like ‘Fading Out of Time’ and provides a treat for fans of the likes of Mono, Sneaker Pimps and Marissa Nadler. The pairing of Dean’s electronic style and Berlin’s vulnerable yet tender vocals create an exploration of father-daughter relationship that elicit a heartfelt sound to their music.

This album means everything to us. A collection of songs that simply happened to us over a period of the 9 months or so it took to record, during which time there have been numerous uncomfortable, unsettling and challenging changes all around us” says Dean Garcia.

With minimal symphonic landscaping and gossamer vocals, SPC ECO have created something that is vast and beautifully pervasive. Here we find a collection of moods, wistful reflections made into sound, and barely tangible but emotively powerful expressions.