DAN Challenges Stereotypes and Expectations of Hip-Hop Scene

New single ‘Hendrix‘ from hip-hop obsessive DAN is not what most would think to be a reference to legendary guitarist, but instead is a hard-hitting commentary on growing up in the world of social media, and how Instagram dictates today’s societal expectations to unattainable levels.Challenging today’s conventions is a theme for DAN, but he is trying to break the mould with his music. Most up and coming hip-hop and R&B artists are born out of London or Birmingham, DAN is challenging this with his roots in Hull (Yorkshire).
For fans of Drake, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake, DAN’s music will appeal to the masses, the new track ‘Hendrix’ is sure to impress. The song is built entirely from scratch, differing from the vast use of samples in a lot of new R&B and Hip-Hop music. A trend with all of DAN’s music is that the lyrics are based off real-life experiences, making his music that much more engaging and relatable. Having performed alongside GIGGS, Tinchy Stryder, N Dubz, Lethal Bizzle, Dane Bowers, Sneakbo and occasionally found mingling with everyone from Dappy to Idris Elba, Travis Scott and Wiley.

Born with what he terms ‘an invisible disability’ – one of his legs is slightly shorter than the other and he has encountered discrimination due to this. He has also supported his family throughout extremely difficult circumstances: from his brother’s desperate cancer battle, which saw him receiving pioneering treatment in the US, to his grandma’s struggle with dementia, which saw him moving into to her house to support his grandad. Throughout, DAN has fought his own personal battles with anxiety and depression, not to mention the problems he continues to encounter with his disability.

Despite the struggles that he has had to encounter in his life, this has only enthused DAN to achieve and thrive. He is a 3rd black belt in karate and has a passion for performance, now he’s making an explosive musical debut with a mixture of R&B and Hip-hop (and an injection of trap). DAN is everything great about British music and an example to people around the world.

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