F.F.O: Game Of Thrones; Avicii; Eiffel 65

First aired in 2011, it’s hard to believe many
people on the planet have been able to avoid the whirlwind surrounding ‘Game of Thrones’, but Italian DJ Marco Dalla
was one of the few. The fantasy drama was an
unlikely-hit across the globe, and caused a fan phenomenon with an average
gross audience of 44.2 million across all platforms – so it’s with some irony
the music producer had never watched a single episode when he wrote his single ‘I Drink and I Know Things’.

“I saw it written on a mug and thought it was a
cool line”
he confessed, then
going on to write the rest of his track around it. Kick starting ideas in his
head, Marco’s new dance anthem was born! Built around different cuts of the
singular line over a pulsing beat and bassline, it’s a track that feels as
though it belongs in a club at 3 am with every person on the floor singing
along and losing their mind!
Having studied piano
since when he was 4 before studying music theory and composition Marco was
allured by the pull of Dance music and found a passion for making upbeat dance
music. Having racked up hundreds of thousands of streams a reputation to boot,
Marco is now hoping to launch his career, maybe with Tyrion’s help!

I Drink And I Know
Things, to GOT fans, is known as one of the many witty one-liners of Tyrion
Lannister; who even has a webpage dedicated to his words of wisdom, but to
Marco, it’s simply the inspiration for his latest dance anthem!

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