Up-and-coming Dance-Pop artist JESSMO rejects convention with empowering new EP!

Dance It All Out is the brand new 4 track EP from Jessmo, an artist who has followed her heart and created music that truly represents who she is.

Rejecting convention, Jessmo has created her own formula of making music she loves, incorporating dance rhythms and beats, without diminishing the highly emotive lyrical content.

Encouraging others not to be afraid to show their feelings and emotions, Dance It All Out portrays her style perfectly and encapsulates her uplifting and evocative musical world.

Listen to the full EP here:

Jessmo has already achieved praise and recognition in the Far East, counting the likes of Audio-Technica, Maybelline and Laplandia Vodka as supporters in the live arena. Looking to bring her music to people all over the world, the Singapour-based artist is not afraid to aim big.

Perhaps the transition from being a classically trained musician, to following your own path as a dance-pop singer-songwriter might seem incredibly daunting for some. But for Jessmo, it’s all about being unapologetically herself.

Whilst at college, Jessmo found herself bullied for being tall and different, but discovered that these feelings could be used in a very health and productive way, which drew her to communicate her feelings through songwriting. Her name even has a personal meaning behind it – a combination of Jessica and emo.

Jessmo’s EP is not now and is a guaranteed 15 minutes of pure enjoyment for all dance-pop lovers. The tracks will leave you feeling empowered and strong, and most importantly, make you just want to Dance It All Out!

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