Chasing His Fate: Singer/Songwriter Michael Cooke Trades Olympic Dreams And Silver Screens For Music Ahead Of Debut Album ‘Doin’ Alright’

After a busy few years of moving from career to career, Glasgow-based singer/songwriter Michael Cooke claims that he’s found his true calling in music.

Originally dreaming of becoming an Olympic athlete, Cooke’s hopes were unfortunately shattered after an injury left him unable to fulfil his dream. Instead of letting the regrettable situation beat him down, he quickly set his sights on becoming an actor. This venture, however, didn’t come without its own unique set of challenges – believe it or not, Cooke found himself auditioning for the same roles as his twin brother!

Despite facing a friendly amount of sibling rivalry, Cooke managed to build a respectable acting career for himself. Though he was never short of exciting opportunities, Cooke admits that the roles he received didn’t allow him to fully explore his creativity and that the audition process would contribute unwanted amounts of stress to his wellbeing, negatively affecting his mental health.

In desperate need of a creative outlet, Cooke turned to song writing. Now, as a musician, Cooke claims that he can communicate with an audience the way he wants to and that he has now found his true calling. Growing up around his parents’ love of sixties folk, the music genre has always had an influence over Cooke’s style, and now able to channel that influence, he’s set to release his upcoming album, Doin’ Alright 2nd November.

Seeing a folky influence with pop excitement, the Album’s lead track, ‘Losing My Mind For Nothing’ is out now with an accompanying video [above] released earlier in March of this year.