Fearless female talent helping to usher in a new wave of Jazz, Emma from duo Skelly is our next Woman in the Spotlight

Brimming with talent, innovation and vocal prowess, duo Skelly’s debut release Sentiment is a jazz wonder-piece.

Soulful and sultry, Sentiment is a jazz infused track from sibling duo Skelly. Featuring an easy flowing beat, grooving horn sections and Emma’s smoothly deep vocals.

Bringing an R&B tone to the classically brilliant Jazz genre, Sentiment is the perfect blend of old and new. A concoction of old-school soul sounds and Alt-Pop artistic flair.

We caught up with Emma, the brilliant vocalist behind duo Skelly, to find out a little more about the track and her journey so far into music.

How did Music first come into your life?

“I can’t remember music not being a constant central point to my life, one of my earliest memories is learning what a quaver was at a Saturday music school and being super excited to go and eat a bag of them from the tuck shop afterwards…”

How did Sentiment come to life? Where did it all start?

“I met up with some mates who perform spoken word (completely out of my comfort zone) and after lots of awful poems that I spurted out, I was catcalled on my way home.

When I got back I sent a video of me free styling to a beat about how sick I was of being sexually harassed and feeling unsafe, and the chorus/hook was born. Once I had the lyrics and the melody, Seb and I sat down and figured out some chords that fit and then tweaked them further to make them more interesting and unexpected, whilst still keeping it a comfortable listen.”

Watch the Sentiment video below-

What’s your experience been like so far as a womxn in the creative industries?

“As with any industry, the feeling of needing to hold yourself extra professionally as a woman in a room of men is there, but I’ve been super fortunate to have worked with some really decent musicians that are in the industry for the music and the vibe. I’ve definitely had my fair share of people not taking me seriously or wanting to underpay me for session work, but knowing your worth in this industry is so important, otherwise you end up two steps behind.”

What’s next for Skelly?

“Now that we’ve started writing and releasing, the amount of WhatsApp audios full of ideas we keep having that we’re sending each other could make up a few songs on their own! Anything from random lyrics, to grooves or just voice notes of me mumbling away at 3 in the morning thinking that what I’m writing is groundbreaking… our full EP is coming out 12/01/2021 but we’ve already started writing some new tunes, all ready for when live gigs can happen again, hopefully we’ll have a decent length set by then!”

Skelly breathe life into genres often forgotten by the younger generations. Infusing their youth into some of music’s most soulful and emotive styles to create an innovative yet commercial sound.

Emma’s vocal delivery is effortlessly brilliant, pure toned and smooth her talent is evident. Combined with the incredible musical talents of brother Seb the duo are truly unstoppable.

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