Pinny Praises all the ‘Amazing’ People Who Have Helped in COVID-19

Merv Pinny’s upbeat and joyful new single acknowledges the challenges of 2020, and pays thanks for the gifts that the wonderful folks on the COVID frontline have given to the world.

Despite his musical ambitions only being ignited fully when his older brother gave him a $10 guitar when he was ten years old, which apparently was compensation for running him over with his truck in, Merv has devoted his life not just to music but to campaigning for social justice.

Watch the Video for Merv Pinny’s Amazing here:

An example of Merv Pinny’s vigourous campaigns for social justice came through his track ”OB Can You Hear The Children Cry.” This tune was a rallying cry for children in crisis around the world and managed to amass over 13 million views. Since then, Merv continues to sing about the various perils of the world such as war, terrorism, and the refugee crisis.

Nonetheless, Merv Pinny continues to champion those who have helped this Christmas in these terrible times.

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