InHibit – An Alt-Rock Star in The Making

With inspiration from some of the worlds biggest alt-rock artists, InHibit brings us a brand new single, The Quest, a perfect introduction for any new listeners ready to be introduced to the guitar heavy, lyrically potent world of InHibit.

The Quest is a brand new single, accompanied with a beautifully-shot video, about the reality of how people are made to feel when hiding their flaws. The song features a fitting melody to accompany the subject of the song beneath hard-hitting lyrics.

“You wake up every night with no-one beside you
You draw that silver line that’s crumbling into you
What’s the point of a life where no one’s holding you
From diving through the night for an infinite view”

Hitting all of the classic alt-rock sounds and also bringing something new and unique to the genre, The Quest is a stellar example as to why InHibit is one of Europe’s hardest working, up and coming artists, definitely making him one to watch for the future.

Working in Brussels, the 21 year old singer-songwriter and composer, better known as Noah Roovers, is the brainchild behind InHibit. Noah describes himself formerly as a poet, using his study of piano from the age of five to create a beautiful mix of lyrics and music in an interesting way. His history has not always laid in music, however, as the artist is both qualified in practicing law and a former racing driver.

The Quest is a song which presents InHibit as a true outsider; met with some stunning visuals and a bit of startling makeup SFX, the video creates a rather visceral representation of the message behind the tune. With the song flying towards 40k views on YouTube in less than a month, the release puts the hypocritical actions of those around Noah under a magnifying glass.

As the first song set for release, InHibit looks to bring the 90’s rock sound to his tracks, with deep lyrical meaning and musical relevance to them. With lyrics, vocals, piano and composition all done by his own skill, along with the video which featured his own designs and storyboard, InHibit is a force to be reckoned with in the creative music scene.

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