US Based Jordan Dean Releases EP Inspired by British Artists

Ohio-raised Jordan Dean may have grown up in a world of American music, influence and lifestyle, but his true passion and inspiration comes from a place a bit further away from home.

With inspo from some of the UK’s indie giants like The Kooks and Arctic Monkeys, Jordan combines his musical heritage with the sounds of his favourite British bands to create something fresh that’s incredibly accessible to anyone, anywhere. 2021 is beginning to look like an exciting year for Jordan, with the upcoming release of his EP, ‘Local’.

The title track by the same name is a bouncy tune that’s perfect to jam out to while lying down in a sunny field. Featuring a twangy guitar riff and some spoken-word lyrics, this song brings something unique to the scene.

Rabbit Hole’ is another noteworthy track, a little slower and more solemn. It keeps the EP’s consistency with the same guitar sound, just with a new riff and a totally new story. These songs are reminiscent of other new indie artists like Conan Gray; they’re easy to listen to and relatable.

Check out some of Jordan’s older stuff here:

When I first started songwriting, I really wanted to be able to control a room with just an acoustic guitar. However, as I got older and started hanging around local music venues, meeting other musicians, and coming to appreciate great bands, I shifted my focus to sounding more like the bands that I fell in love with so much...

…I pull from a lot of different influences and styles. I’m a huge fan of the post-punk revival bands like the Strokes, the Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys and have seemed to lean more heavily on those influences for my latest material as I always find myself coming back to those recordings and not getting bored of them.

Jordan Dean

Playing piano from a young age, Dean moved onto guitar, instantly falling in love with the instrument from the moment it was picked up. After a bit of practice, Jordan tried his hand songwriting, the skill coming naturally.

He managed to build up a good following, playing some venues and singing his originals – ‘Gone’ and ‘Lost’. Always aiming to sing about relatable experiences and emotions, Jordan connects with his audience through personal experiences to tell a story that everyone can relate to, whilst using uniquely new sounds. Having recently turning 21, Jordan is only just getting started.

I told my producer that I wanted to sound like a four-piece band that packed a 300-person venue and I feel like we accomplished that on the Local EP. We said it in the studio that this EP feels like a 30-minute set that you would see in a small venue. packed with people who really want to be there.

Jordan Dean

‘Local‘ brings something new and exciting, with a hint of reality and humour. It’s a promising glimpse into the life of an up and coming artist.

This collection of songs were written when I was 18 and 19 and they just have to do with coming into young adulthood. I think they both encapsulate the young fun side of drinking and that but also carry some emotional weight of growing up. The songs all have to do with relationships with friends, family, and the people that were around me at that time.”

Jordan Dean

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