Leoscappin’s brand new EP ‘Alienated’ is out of this world

Based in Surrey, England, British-Asian rapper Leoscappin is the latest artist to take the UK trap scene by storm with upcoming release ‘Alienated’ set to drop on the 5th February this year.

Combining elements of American rap with his current British trap roots, Leoscappin’s new EP brings the best of both worlds into an easy and melodic listen, perfect for anyone to dip their toes into.

An actor, rapper and writer, Leoscappin’s latest EP is a call to listeners about believing in yourself even through tough times and in spite of other’s opinions.

The EP features a warm instrumental mix of vocals, guitar and hi hats atop intriguing lyrical storytelling. Some notable tracks include the opening song, Lost You, which begins the EP with a catchy synth riff that is repeated throughout the track. The gradual introduction of an 80’s tone alongside lyrics touching on self-appreciation really brings home the driving message of the EP, and sets the mood for the track list.

Compare this to the guitar-lead track titled Right Call and the listener is met with a slowed down beat which speaks on following your gut and knowing whats best for you.

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Growing up in Sao Paolo, Brazil, but now claiming England as his home territory, Leoscappin brings all of his heritage together – including his Japanese ancestry – to create something new and original.

Combining chilled-out beats with smooth and effortless vocals, he created something extremely snappy and attention grabbing; it’s hard to stop listening once you click that play button.

“I try to make all my songs have a different feeling and vibe. Some will make you think about your life, others are just for parties and some are just me trying to tell a story. I usually have an idea as soon as I listen to the beat and will follow through with that for the whole song, meaning if I don’t vibe with the beat in the first few seconds I’ll just move on”.


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