They don’t make them like this anymore- Madeline Castrey is our next Woman in the Spotlight

Fusing classical Jazz influence with a modern style, Madeline Castrey is like nothing you will have heard before.

Her velvety smooth Jazz vocals, blended seamlessly with a modern chilled Pop sound is completely revitalising a much beloved, yet rarely innovated genre.

Madeline Castrey is a woman that needs to be heard, and an exciting emerging artist that’s reviving the UK Jazz scene.

Born in a quiet village in Surrey, music became Madeline’s first love. From West End, to television, Opera singing and beyond Madeline has always immersed herself in the creative world, yet making music is where she truly belongs.

After overcoming a serious illness as a teenager, Madeline defied odds to become the first ever 16-year-old admitted onto an undergraduate degree course at The London College of Music.

Inspiring, captivating and talented, the minute I heard Madeline’s sound and story I knew she was our next Woman in the Spotlight.

We caught up with Madeline to find out more about her latest releases and experience as a woman in music.

Talk to us about your latest single London, what inspired the track?

“My newest original single called ‘London’ is a nostalgic and reminiscent reflection of longing for the city life, with a catchy melody and subtle jazz groove.”

Madeline on the Smooth Jazz genre

“With all my songs, I want to make my original mark on smooth jazz in the hope of bringing the genre to new listeners. It’s been a genre that has been under appreciated and not always easily accessible in the past, and I hope that by bringing my unique style of smooth jazz to more listeners, the genre itself will find new fans!”

What’s it been like for you as a woman in the industry?

“It’s no secret that being a woman has its challenges within this industry (and of course many others!) Over the course of my musical development I have experienced my share of misogyny and put downs for not quite fitting the mould – and of course this leads to its own insecurities and lack of self-esteem.

In my opinion it’s about channelling these negative experiences and turning them into something positive. Going through these experiences gives you a depth of emotion that enriches what you create. Music (and of course any art) is always a reflection of something, and when you’re writing music it’s often the case that your experiences and responses to them drive what you produce.”

“Women supporting women is such an important and powerful thing – and honestly, it’s where the magic happens!”- Madeline Castrey

So what’s next for the talented Madeline?

“I have been blown away with the response to my music since its release and this has encouraged me to set my sights high! Performing live is my passion, and my ultimate ambition is to play at the prestigious jazz venues (Ronnie Scotts for starters!) to bring the live experience of my music to as many people as possible.

As an audience member, there’s nothing like listening to live music – there’s a rawness that you don’t always get on a record, and for a musician there’s no greater feeling than making music authentically with other musicians and playing to new audiences in different locations.

I have plenty of songs ready and raring to go and would love to release an EP and album with a label in the near future.”

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Reported By: Jessica Rowe