All-round creative, Nonviolenze, combines music & art with thought-provoking new album!

Texas-based artist, Nonviolenze, is breaking convention with his ultra-creative forthcoming album Ghosts of War (released 16th October).

Combining music, poetry and art, he will soon be releasing the lead track which shares the name of the album and looks to question how scriptures of all faiths often lead to division, hate and war (released 18th September).

Nonviolenze’s boundary-breaking album is a repertoire of haunting melodies, fusing rock with jazz, pop and blues to create 9 stunning tracks which challenge concepts and beliefs.

Nonviolenze is Shri Baratan, a singer, songwriter and guitarist who was born in India and is now based in Houston, Texas. His upbringing has clearly influenced his music, with Ghosts of War bringing together global electric and acoustic musical styles with challenging social and philosophical commentary. Shri’s amazing three-octave vocal range and distinctive fingerpicking and harmonic guitar playing are certain to enchant audiences as they witness a reflection of the artist soul.

And his talents do not end with music. Each song on the album is accompanied by a powerful painting, creating a completely immersive audio-visual experience.

Shri is also an extremely talented artist, employing acrylics and oils in his paintings.

An album that is both contemporary and unconventional, it reinforces unity in diversity and encourages listeners to open their minds to a refreshing new way of thinking.

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Written by: KATE PARRY