Australian Flamenco mavericks Malcura return with latest album ‘Malcura II’ and it’s out of this world

Flamenco giants Malcura are set to make their return with new album Malcura II due for release on November 27th.

The eclectic lineup of tracks is set to take us on a thrilling ride of sound, captivating audiences and taking us to a whole new planet. Otherworldly sounds and a style that is truly alien, Malcura are incomparable to anything else on the music market

Malcura have been crafting their extraterrestrial sound since 2013, honing their talents through busking in Melbourne.

Combining the complexities of Flamenco music with the driving sounds of Heavy Metal and Rock and Roll, Malcura create a distinct sound that in theory shouldn’t work yet in practice becomes a stunning fusion of genres and influences.

It’s this unique blend that has landed Malcura in Australia’s public eye, asserting them as musical mavericks bursting on to the scene.

Malcura is driven by the dynamic lead-guitar from Joshua Voce and backed by the powerful rhythm section of Simon Wood (drums) and Steven Angell (rhythm guitar), with Colin Andrews joining on bass.

The quartet are an unstoppable collective of innovative musicians working on a sound to feed the soul.

Festival favourites Malcura have accumulated a wealth of live experience, including performances at Illawarra Folk Festival, Byron Bay International Guitar Festival, Blue Mountains Music Festival and countless shows across Australia, not to mention performing alongside Tash Sultana, Missy Higgins, Harry Manx to name a few.

Exploring a wealth of musical frontiers, Malcura II tells and exhilarating space-themed story focused on the journey of astronaut Captain Snus as he journeys through a mysterious black hole; A cinematic plot that will immerse listeners into the world of Malcura.

Get your first taste of Malcura II’s Captain Snus

Accompanied by some stunning video game-esque artwork courtesy of artist James Peters, the project was supported entirely by crowdfunding efforts.

With Australia firmly on their side, Malcura are ready to take on the rest of the world and beyond.

Get ready for take off on 27th November as Malcura II launches us into space.



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Written By: Jessica Rowe