Anita Gabrielle Releases EP to Raise Funds for Parkinson’s

Singer songwriter and activist Anita Gabrielle has experienced her fair share of struggles and obstacles during her music career; from being a woman, being gay, and now being a little bit older in the industry, she finds her opportunities to be limited – but this does not stop her from powering through!

The latest EP – Just Neat – was inspired by her brother who is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease, released with the aim to raise money and awareness for the assistance of others living with the condition.

With her brother being the inspiration behind her picking up a guitar and writing music in the late 60’s, this was a beautiful ode to their relationship.

Gabrielle even recruited the help of Grammy Award Winning Amy Wadge (best known for songwriting collaborations with Ed Sheeran), who plays pianos and sings on the EP.

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The EP has a brilliantly soft relatability about it, touching on topics that pretty much everyone around the globe must be feeling right now – especially with I Want To Go Outside Again: an ode to how everyone in society must be feeling right now.

Other songs such as Best Friends talk about lighter subjects of loving your friends. Overall, the EP has a strong, uplifting and theatrical feeling.

Based in Bedford, Anita has been creating music since the late 60s, after her brother introduced her to the music of Joni Mitchell, who quickly became a huge idol to the singer, influencing her to write her own stuff and have fun with music!

In the 1980’s, her band The Crew achieved national coverage in Melody Maker, and supported huge artists such as Drag Icon Divine, and Labi Staff.

She has continued to expand her experience, firstly with ZeNaNa and ‘mature girl group’, The Favourite Aunties, honing her sound to include elements of pop, acoustic rock and folk.

Last year, her brother was sadly diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and rather than letting it all be doom and gloom, Anita wanted to bring some good from the situation, writing an EP and donating all funds into research and aid towards sufferers. This plan attracted the likes of Amy Wadge, who leant her musical talents to complete the EP.

Obviously, I was absolutely thrilled to be supported by someone with the credentials of an artist like Amy, who not only has worked with Ed Sheeran but many other major artists such as Camila Cabello and Lady Antebellum too” – Anita Gabrielle

Anita is a huge LGBTQ+ activist, and a leading campaigner for older women in the community. After being outed in a magazine for being a lesbian just as her music career was about to take off during the 80’s, she realised more people needed to speak out about these issues.

Recently battling a cancer scare, the removal of a kidney and a hip replacement, Anita has proven her metal and is back with a flair and passion that has been lit brighter than ever.

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